Customer relations: strategies, tools and tips!

Understand how to manage the relationship with customers from the first contact and how to take them from flirting to marriage with your company!

How is your relationship with customers? Have you discussed enough to improve? So come here, sit here, let’s talk …

Recently, in the Digital Marketing and Sales Maturity in Brazil survey, we mapped that for 68.9% of the companies interviewed, the biggest challenge is to convert Leads into customers. And yes, acquiring new customers should be a concern for any company that wants constant growth.

However, it cannot be the only one! After winning a customer, there must be a relationship layer to guarantee satisfaction, loyalty, the indication of the service or product and even new purchases in the future. After all, it is much easier to sell to someone who has already bought with your company than to someone who doesn’t even know you yet, is it?

In this post, we will talk more about customer relationship strategies, tools and certain tips to help you take that next step there in your operation. And be sure to check out a complete content on this topic, the Customer Relationship Management Week webinars! Just fill out the form below to receive access:

Where does the customer relationship begin?

Our first topic is one of the most important in this post. If you believe that the relationship strategy should start after the sale, I need to tell you that you are missing out on a giant opportunity!

Every relationship has phases. Let’s think about loving relationships, for example: it all starts with flirting, the two people getting to know each other, finding common ground, creating affinity. Then, if everything goes well, it evolves into a courtship. An official link, with commitments, agreements and alignments. Over time, there is a desire to make everything even more serious, a relationship for life. And here comes the engagement, and all the preparations for the wedding.

After being married, people become even more part of the routine, of the plans, of each other’s lives. And, if all goes well, it will be forever.

Think with me: when did this relationship start? When both parties started to worry about each other’s needs, to take care of that relationship? It wasn’t after the wedding, right?

We have been in a relationship since day 1, since the first contact. We care about appearance, we want to know everything about the other person, we plan incredible encounters, everything possible to get to the next step, to last. And so it must be with each customer: the relationship needs to be strategically planned from the first contact with the brand, throughout the purchase journey, and after closing the deal as well.

So, if I were to choose a starting point, I would choose the flirting point. Or, in technical terms, Marketing. It is essential that your company is concerned with the experience of Leads (who are potential customers) in each contact. This means:

Have a nice website, with the basic information that every Lead needs to know at first;

Offer a simple and functional navigation for Lead to advance the journey, that is, it should be easy to know what the next step is:

• How to contact the company?

• What will he receive if he registers?

• How to request a quote?

• How to know the portfolio?

Provide ways for a Lead to skip steps when possible if he wants to speed up “flirting”. It can be a form that takes direct contact to the commercial, for example, for those more determined Leads, who know what they want.

These first moments are crucial for the next steps to exist. It is important to have a well designed structure for capturing contacts, with Landing Pages, forms and Whatsapp buttons, as RD Station Marketing offers. It is also a good tip to use it to support you with data in the construction of your personas and the Ideal Customer Profile, essential to attract good quality and fit Leads for your company.

Keep in mind that if a Lead has a bad experience on the first date, it is very likely that he does not feel like scheduling a second one!

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